Gree Extreme

Wall Mounted Mini Split

Flexible options for homes without existing ductwork. Easy energy savings for smaller and retrofitted homes.

This product is currently eligible for provincial rebates

Gree Extreme

12,000 BTU | 30.5 SEER

Starting at $3,695 (Single unit installed before rebates)

With the Gree Two-stage Compressor Technology, the Extreme is able to achieve phenomenal efficiencies at low ambient temperatures, reaching up to 80% heating capacity rate at -30 °C. This makes the Extreme the ideal heat pump for the Canadian market.

• Wireless remote control
• Apple catechin filter
• Ion deodorizing filtersleep timer
• 24 hour timer
• Weekly timer
• Dry mode
• Auto mode

• Mode min heat (10°C)
• Economy mode
• Energy saving program
• Quiet mode (indoor)
• Low noise mode
• Auto restart/reset

Introducing the Gree Extreme, The best ductless split system from Gree.

Equipped with the latest and most efficient technology in the HVAC industry, the market has never seen a mini-split like the Extreme before. With the newest DC motor compressor technology, the Extreme provides you with more energy saving than regular compressors.

Capacity at -26C 9,100 BTU/h 12,300 BTU/h 18,000 BTU/h
SEER 38.0 30.5 24.5 * Capacity at 22C indoor temperature
EER 16.67 15.3 13.54
HSPF 15.0 14.0 12.0

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