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We help create your ideal in-home climate solution so you can enjoy ultimate living comfort and still benefit from maximum energy savings.

Actually LOWER your home energy bill

By finding the right heat pump for your home – every dollar you spend on heating will give you at least three dollars in usable heat. This will result in efficiency up to 300% more than an electric baseboard. Plus, you won’t sacrifice the comforts of a well-heated home to try to save money.

Fujitsu Mini Split Heat Pump by Atlantic Heating and Cooling

For ductless homes

Ideal for ductless homes of all sizes
Multi-unit installation
Up to 12 year parts warranty

York Central Heat Pump System by Atlantic Heating and Cooling

For homes with existing ductwork

Ideal for homes with existing ductwork
Green option instead of burning oil or wood fuel or using propane
Perfect for homes with uneven heating or cooling throughout
Saves considerable heating costs
Up to 12 year parts warranty

Geothermal Climate Master by Atlantic Heating and Cooling

For maximum efficiency

Greenest option on the market
Ideal for installation in new homes
Perfect heating and cooling system
Best investment possible for your home

Financing & rebates available

In addition to government rebates, you can also apply for financing for as low as $39/month. This allows you to find the right heating option for your home and save on your electricity bill as soon as possible.

We’re Canada’s largest Fujitsu dealer locally owned with over 10,000 units installed in Atlantic Canada!
Fujistu Mini Split Heat Pump

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Your free assessment includes a review of your electrical panel and service, a home layout and square footage review, discussion on which areas of your home are most frequented and some basic education on how Mini Split Ductless Heat Pumps can reduce your home heating costs.

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